To be able to understand why Mangosteen juice has long been regarded as a potent folk remedy by ancient cultures, and why it can be so beneficial to your health, we first need to know what mangosteen actually is – because not many people have even heard of it in Western countries! Before you start guessing, it is not even remotely related to a mango. Mangosteen fruit is small, round and it grows in regions of the world like Indonesia, Malaysia and even in some parts of southern India. People that work with it say that it is the fruit with the greatest flavor in the whole world…and possibly one of the ugliest to look at.

This fruit is known for how hard it grows and up to this date it does not grow without very significant coaxing in places like the United States or the UK. It is also very hard to keep it fresh. There is a legend that goes, that Queen Victoria once offered a huge prize to anyone who could bring her a fresh magosteen fruit (this was after early explorers returned with tales of its healing properties and heavenly taste) but no one ever managed to do it.

Mangosteen fruit juice

No one said Mangosteen fruit was pretty! Mangosteen juice is an extremely potent anti oxidant rich health tonic.

As mentioned above, the fruit is small and round. Its color is purple and it has a white fleshy inside that is wholey edible.

What Are The Properties Of Mangosteen Fruit Juice?
What Are The Properties Of Mangosteen Fruit Juice?

Mangosteen fruit juice is made from this fruit and it is known for the impressive levels of antioxidants that it contains, in this it is similar to Acai berries. It has been shown that the antioxidant levels found in the mangosteen juice surpass by great levels those found in Vitamin C or even in Vitamin E supplements. Mangosteen juice is also known to contain a very powerful antioxidant that will fix your body from a cellular level which means that all your organs and body parts will start to be fixed from the inside out. This wonder antioxidant found in mangosteen juice is part of a larger type of antioxidants known as Xanthones. Similar compounds are found in two other popular superfoods, Acai and Goji. Amongst other things açai juice benefits include improved circulation and reduced fatigue in persons with chronic illnesses.

You will also find in mangosteen juice polyphenols which are a great group of antioxidants that will help your body’s vascular system. This means that you will be better protected against heart attacks and strokes in the brain.

Most genuine healthy-oriented producers of mangosteen juice even put the peel of the fruit through their best slow masticating juicer machines because the peel is so rich in antioxidants. They do this despite the sourness of the peel but if you are after the best, health always comes first.

If you are interested in living a healthy life, you will know that fruits of all sorts are good to include in your die Sadly, fresh Mangosteen is not available in many countries because it only grows in places like Malaysia, Indonesia and in Hawaii. That’s why, if you want to take advantage of the antioxidants you may have to content yourself with drinking mangosteen juice that companies like Earth’s Bounty have to offer. Commercial juices like this are never quite the same as making your own juicer recipes at home, but you can still benefit from juice. In order to dilute the sugar content of juice concentrates, I recommend mixing them into vegetable juices to improve their taste.

If you want to buy some mangosteen juice your best bet is to search online and choose from natural products from companies like Earth’s Bounty. You can expect to pay about $15-$20 for a 2 litre/ half gallon bottle of juice concentrate.

If you choose to drink mangosteen juice daily you can quickly improve your immune system. Many people like to claim that you can even slow down dramatically the aging process and all of this thanks to the antioxidants that are present in the mangosteen juice. Fact or fiction? It probably is true, since anti oxidants present in many foods really do seem to combat the effects of old age – still, I would always combine fruit juice with equal or greater volumes of vegetable juice – again, that sugar content is often just too high.

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