A water cooler, also called water dispenser, is an appliance which cools or heats up water with a heat exchanger and a refrigerant unit. It is most often found in public bathrooms because of close access to pipes for cooling water.

A water cooler is generally located near the bathroom as a result of closer access to pipes for cooling water. The water cooler has a control panel which controls the temperature of the water supplied by the appliance. Some types of water coolers can be used on outdoor hot days, although this type of device may not be suitable for those who intend to use their water cooler on an outdoor basis.

Water coolers are available in two forms, one-way and two-way. The first-way water coolers can only be turned on and off; it cannot be used as a primary or secondary source of cooling water. The second-way types of water coolers allow the user to switch between the two directions; the first or the reverse direction, while the second-way can be used for both directions. Most water dispenser designs have thermostats, which can be set to adjust the temperature based on ambient conditions. The thermostat can be programmed to adjust the temperature according to the temperature of the water coming in through the faucet, or based on the relative humidity level of the room.

Most devices require at least one outlet; an outlet will normally be located in an area where there is limited access, such as near a wall, the floor, or near the sink. The outlet can be used to connect to a water supply line or it can be connected directly to a gas line. Many water coolers come with a thermostat installed so that the temperature can be adjusted according to ambient conditions. Thermostats vary in size and complexity; they can either be electronic or manual. The simplest thermostats require manual operation and are usually found in small units which are difficult to maintain but easy to operate.

Water coolers have three basic parts, the reservoir, the condenser, and the pump. A reservoir is a container designed to store water until it is needed. The reservoir is designed to hold a large amount of water, usually around five gallons. The condenser is the part of the device which converts water from the reservoir into steam and then into a liquid. It consists of two or more chambers that are filled with water and a valve connected to the house’s main water supply.

Since the device is usually an appliance that draws on electricity, it requires maintenance and cleaning to prevent clogging. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, the device should be replaced periodically; this may include the replacement of all water filters and the replacement of any worn parts of the parts. The thermostat can sometimes become damaged or faulty and should be replaced when necessary.

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