KATANA ZERO Pc Game REVIEW I typically avoid games that make me curse and struggle through my own painful, boring mistakes. I find the tension worth it for Katana None.

For eg, in prison escape point, I die countless times trying to fulfill my orders (I refuse to look at my footage to count them). I will avoid detection and not go on a killing spree and it’s partially fortunate when I finally succeed at it. I’m not sure my slow-motion somersault over a guard was what the creator had in mind while developing that point, but I get an adrenaline rush anyway when I remember it succeeded.

As with Hotline Miami and other action puzzlers, the sidescrolling stages of Katana Zero are closely built with multiple ways to hack and slash my way through them.


Smooth criminal

The narrator of Katana Zero is a rugged, modern ninja, or “man with sword in a bathrobe,” as he is referred to by several gun-toting mobsters.

His toolkit of skills is limited enough to rapidly develop muscle memory around but adaptable enough to change the experiences in combat. He has a sword: perfect for actively cutting enemies, deflecting bullets or breaking doors to destroy someone who is unlucky enough to stand next to them. He will roll to avoid damage, significant considering that even once being struck by an opponent is instant death. He may pick and throw helpfully positioned objects such as glass bottles or butcher knives for more detail in https://theemuparadise.com/.

Slowing time is the central skill of Katana Zero, which transforms what otherwise would be an unreasonable obstacle into a tactical tango. But it’s a scanty tool that can only keep me alone out of risk. I have to link sluggish assaults with real-time ones together or I’m going to wind up with an empty slow-mo tank while the bullets and fists still float.

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